A Dog’s Nose

Canvas size : A4 (8.27 x 11.59 inches)
Medium: (Lead Pencil Illustration) iPad Pro and Apple Pencil
Property of Mint Creatives, Design Co.
Category: Sketch Journal

Sketching using an iPad and an Apple Pencil for the first time is very challenging. The glass canvass and the pencil are both slippery, but after a few hours, you will get the hang of it. Procreate is by far the most versatile and powerful mobile drawing app. It has been highly recommended by a lot of users. A well-designed user interface which is simple, yet powerful. You can even get 4k canvas. It records your canvas in 1080p full-HD resolution video; videos can be saved to Photos, uploaded to Dropbox, exported to iTunes or emailed. Procreate’s user interface is strikingly simplistic, yet once you begin working with the app, you begin to realize how powerful and elegant it is. Real Time: 5 hours and 50 minutes. The length and format of this video have been modified from its original version. Music Excerpt: (Sonata) Scherzo, Allegro Molto by Beethoven