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Mint Creatives, Design Company

After I graduated from the university with a degree in Visual Communications, artworks and illustrations became my gateway to the creative industry. Starting with a profession in publishing several years ago I found myself working my way into graphic design companies and advertising agencies as an Art Director and a Creative Head. Over the years I earned knowledge and experience in computer layout and graphics design, computer illustrations, pre-press & print production, art direction, production design and web designing which led to the foundation of Mint Creatives.

Wherever you are we will meet your deadlines!

Mint Creatives is an online graphics design service shop that strives to work closely with you to provide services to meet your communication needs–layouts, illustrations, company logos, websites and more!

It focuses on continuous improvement. The need for learning, creating innovative ideas and graphics – while keeping a style that is simple, straight-forward, and with a strong attention to visuals, color combinations and details are the utmost importance in its service.

Mint Creatives simply offers…designs and solutions!

Working hand in hand

Mint Creatives is partnered with System Support — a top-quality Macintosh support service team in Hamburg, Germany to make sure that our Macs and systems are always working in excellent technical condition.

Mint Creatives is also teamed-up with Art Visuell Photography to help your materials make better impressions. The chemistry, expertise, and experiences of Art Visuell Photography and Mint Creatives will ensure that your photographs will come out how you intend them to be.

With this teamwork, you can be more confident that we can serve you better!

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