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Briefing of the project. The graphic designer needs to gather as much information about the client’s expectations. Client should prepare a description of the company or business? Who are the clients? What is the history and background of the business? When was it established? What is the mission, vision, and goals? What is your objective for the design? The client and the designer should compromise on the layout measurements, photography, text, timetable, and deadline.


Cost Estimate. Rates charged by graphic designers are normally based per hour or fixed price based on their understanding of your project requirements. A fixed-price project will specify the number of iterations (i.e. rounds of revisions) included in the price. Quotes for your project will reflect the scope of work, or how much you actually need a designer to do. The designer will only start working after the contract has been approved and signed by the client.


Research and Brainstorming Stage. The graphic designer will start researching for design pegs, competitors, point of differentiation, market, audience, trends, and future prospects. This is to make sure that the designer will not make anything similar from the competitor. An organizational chart of the pagination should be discussed and finalized. Client may provide clear photos and text that can be used for the layout. Photos to be provided should not be less than 200 dpi resolution, and not less than 7 inches (18 cm).


Design & Revision Stage. Once the materials are complete, the designer will start doing the draft layout. The designer and client will exchange feedback during this stage.


Final Work. The client will get another chance to review the end product and provide feedback.


Sample works? Check out the responsive website layouts below for inspiration!

Home Climbing Gyms – Hamburg

Peter Lelek can help you create your own climbing gym at home, whether in your garden or inside your own home! His expertise as a routesetter and a climbing trainer can also help you develop your climbing skills.


Berschneider is well-known for their inimitably delicious meat specialties, which they have been preparing according to the best recipes over more than five decades.

Hairy Portrairy

Every animal is unique! Keep this uniqueness and let the professional artist, Ute Martens draw a portrait of your pet from a photo to the finest pencil drawing!

mad media works

Mad Media Works is the creator and developer of the Mountain Bike Guide for the most beautiful MTB tours in Fränkische Schweiz and the Steigerwald in Germany. Beginners, advanced and leisure bikers can fully enjoy their biking experience through Mad Media Works’ released books, CD and app. If you want to purchase the bike guide or simply find out more, simply check out their website,


With Art Visuell photography, you can also search for gift ideas! Choose from the wide selection of customized shirts and giftable items designed by Mint Creatives and Art Visuell made just for you! Order online.

Evers & Partner – Stadtplaner PartGmbH

Evers & Partner – Stadtplaner PartGmbH works creatively and develop innovative, but feasible concepts. This includes, for example, the development of building and use alternatives for fallow land. They can also bring planning ideas to the point in a detailed urban design.

Michael Kuch – Physiotherapie

Treatments perfectly tailored to patients who wants to achieve a quick and holistic recovery. Therapy in familiar environment? That’s why I get where you are – home, office or hotel. The advantages of mobile physiotherapy at a glance:

mad media worker

Mad Media Worker is a software and an app development firm in Germany that services iOS, Android, C# and Database programs. To learn more, visit the website,

bunaken divers

Bunaken Divers, Diving Center  provides scuba diving services and courses in Bunaken, Indonesia since 1995. For more than 20 years they’ve imparted transformational underwater experiences to divers and underwater lovers alike. Discover more at

VK Küssner – Verschattungsgutachten

VK Küssner Verschattungsgutachten assesses urban planning and carefully studies on healthy living and working conditions with regard to sunlight and shading of building architectures. 


These specially handmade knives represent the harmony of style and vision in the metal crafts and turn them into real works of art. Crafted from a combination of selected materials and forged into unique shapes making each knife an extraordinary piece of masterwork! Under expert guidance, see the actual the construction of your favorite personal knife.

quotes in quiz

Quotes in Quiz is an absorbing word-game that challenges players to solve or decode quotations from speeches and writings of the great and famous. It comes as a wholesome and challenging family pastime and is considered by those who have tried them, as more absorbing and more educational than crosswords and other puzzles, and as – “The Puzzle for the Smart!”. Challenge yourself!


Marine life reflects the magical beauty of nature. UnderwaterMedia enjoys taking videos and photos underwater, and also to learn more about the oceans, and to share these experiences! Take a look at the beautiful underwater photos!